Buy Bitcoin the right way

Buy Bitcoin securely and receive it to your own wallet immediately.

Hold Bitcoin yourself and away from third parties. The way it's supposed to be.

Get help setting up your own wallet.

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Why Bitvice

Protect your money
Self-custody your Bitcoin.
We help you set up your own Bitcoin wallet, to hold your Bitcoin away from third parties.
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Buy Bitcoin the right way
Buy Bitcoin at a competitive market rate and receive it directly to your own wallet.

We never custody your Bitcoin.
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We work with your advisor
Ask your advisor to contact us and we will work with them to help you self-custody your Bitcoin.
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You get rewarded!
Refer and help others to buy Bitcoin and earn 0.25% in referral fees, paid in Bitcoin, for every order!

That's the highest referral reward in the market!
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Over the last 3 years, if you bought R1,000 of Bitcoin per month (R36,000 invested) you would have:

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Return: 162%

Why Bitcoin?

Protect your wealth against inflation by investing and holding a globalised, tested and deflationary asset.

Be your own Bank.

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How to Buy Bitcoin on Bitvice


Confirm your details and upload FICA documents.

Your details are kept secure and never shared with anyone.

Setup Wallet

Set up your own Bitcoin wallet to receive your Bitcoin.

We guide you through this process.

Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin securely and receive it directly to your own wallet.

Self-custody your Bitcoin.

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Bitvice Fees

Platform Fee

2.3% (Incl. VAT)

Trading Fee


No transaction/withdrawal fee for sending the Bitcoin to your wallet.

You are provided a full report for every order in email and PDF.

Buy Bitcoin for yourself and receive it directly to your own wallet. Custody your own Bitcoin from the start.

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"My experience has been that with Bitcoin being an unregulated product, it is difficult to receive advice through the “traditional” financial advisor/institutional routes. Having made a decision to make Bitcoin part of my portfolio the questions surrounding security, how to buy, costs etc were simplified and well explained by the team at Bitvice. My experience is that the Bitvice team are readily contactable, willing to help and their systems are smooth making the whole process simple and easy."

- Patrick

"Bitvice makes it easy for me to purchase and self-custody my Bitcoin. Their intuitive platform and excellent service takes care of everything from A to Z. Thanks!"

- Hendrik

"Bitvice makes the process of helping my clients acquire and self-custody Bitcoin a breeze, and I can sleep at night knowing that their sats are safe in their own wallets and not with a third party custodian. It also incentivises me to talk to my clients about Bitcoin, as I can earn Sats for guiding them on the best way to acquire and hold their Bitcoin."

Matt Daneel (Advisor)

How do I sell my Bitcoin

Bitvice does not offer Sell orders, only Purchase orders. Once Bitcoin is purchased through Bitvice, it is settled directly to your own wallet.

From there, you can set up an account at numerous local or global exchanges, transfer your BTC to that account and sell with ease.

We recommend selling BTC for ZAR via:

ZAR/BTC Exchange

VALR is a trusted custodial exchange in South Africa that allows you to sell your Bitcoin for ZAR.

ZAR/BTC ATMs (Increased privacy)

Sell Bitcoin for cash in a more private manner with Bitcoin ATMs.

Use the Discount Code BITVICE at the Cape Town ATM for a discount on Withdrawal fees.

About Bitvice

Bitvice and its team have three fundamental principles:

The long-term importance of Bitcoin as an asset in everyone's portfolio.

The imperatives of self-custodying one's Bitcoin and to do everything possible to educate and assist everyone on how to hold their Bitcoin for themselves.

And to build the foundations for financial & advisory services over Bitcoin as it continues its adoption curve.

Brandon van Niekerk


Ricki Allardice


Matthew Pearson


Marnus Minie


John Blomkamp


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