One-on-one Bitcoin support

Stress-free self-custody. We can assist in setting you up with the best security over your Bitcoin. Purchase a security package through Bitvice and we will personally assist you every step of the way to securing your Bitcoin over the long term.

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Bitcoin Consultation

Not sure where to start? We will answer any questions you have around Bitcoin and how to self-custody securely.

15 min 30 min 60 min
R150 R300 R500
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Hardware Wallet

Don’t have a hardware wallet? Buy one here.

Once you have a hardware wallet, we will guide you through the whole setup process. We will also assist you in security procedures and how to mitigate risk in the long term.

Time: 1 hr

Cost: R800

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Multisig Wallet

A masterclass on how to set up and use a multisignature wallet based on your requirements and budget. This is a fairly complex topic, yet it is the most secure method of storing one’s Bitcoin.

Time: 2 hr

Cost: R1200

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Succession Planning

Self-custody means no intermediary. Learn how to pass your Bitcoin on to your loved ones, in case anything goes wrong.

Time: 2.5 hr

Cost: R2500

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