Help others buy and secure Bitcoin.

Earn up to a 3.0% fee per order, in Bitcoin.

Help others to purchase Bitcoin securely and receive it to their own wallet.

Add clients and make Bitcoin purchases on their behalf easily. Earn up to 3.0% in a mutually-agreed fee for every order, in Bitcoin.


How does it work

Sign up
Sign up, complete your details and confirm your Bitcoin address.
Refer Investors
You can begin referring other investors and earn 0.25% per order.

Your fees are earned in BTC to your own Bitcoin address
Assist Investors
Assist others to purchase Bitcoin and earn up to 3.0% per order.

Your fees are earned in BTC to your own Bitcoin address

How to earn fees

Referred Orders (Investors & Advisors):

Earn the highest referral fee in the market: 0.25%.

This is earned on every referred order in perpetuity.

Just sign up, confirm your Bitcoin address, refer other investors and we payout referral fees to your own wallet, once a month.

Assisted Orders (Advisors only):
0.0 - 3.0%

As an Advisor, you can sign up other investors, help them set up their self-custody wallet and make Bitcoin orders on their behalf.

You can earn a mutually-agreed fee of up to 3.0%, paid in Bitcoin, to your own wallet.

Just sign up, complete all your details and begin adding and assisting other Bitcoin investors.

Earn fees in BTC to your own Bitcoin address on record.


"Bitvice makes the process of helping my clients acquire and self-custody Bitcoin a breeze, and I can sleep at night knowing that their sats are safe in their own wallets and not with a third party custodian. It also incentivises me to talk to my clients about Bitcoin, as I can earn Sats for guiding them on the best way to acquire and hold their Bitcoin."

Matt Daneel (Advisor)

Learn more about being a Bitvice Advisor here

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